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The 4th Baikal Volunteer Forum

2013.05.13 13:27

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Despite full stimulation of development of the volunteer movement in Russia by Russian Government aiming to elaborate ambitious national projects, no philosophical concept for development of volunteering has been drawn up and discussed in public yet. Everyone understands and popularizes volunteering from the perspective of their own experience and interests. In this light it is dramatically important to hold a Forum of such volunteers who are not only experienced enough but also focused on finding that concept. Therefore, the Forum is held by volunteers for volunteers and paid by volunteers, what filters out those who wish to take part in rallies at the expense of the receiving party. 
The Forum aims at deep changes in the activeness of local population in their community life as an example of what volunteer initiative should be centered on. The Forum should also become a platform for effective interaction of outside volunteers and local inhabitants producing the highest result possible due to inspiration and enthusiasm of outside volunteers and self-interest of the locals as owners of the community. The Forum will enable the locals to take a new perspective on their co-workers, neighbours or relatives, going beyond old stereotypes, mistrust or disbelief in their own abilities.          

The choice of site for the Forum is caused by the fact that the locals tend to underestimate the unique nature of the Lake Baikal. As a result we have not only indifference to preserving the nature but also ignorance about advantages of their position in terms of tourist attraction. Holding the Forum will contribute to promotion of the Slyudyanka area and Lake Baikal around Russia and CIS countries as a recreation site and a place to come to know the nature. Moreover, it will improve the attitude of the locals to their role. The infrastructure created by hands of the volunteers in tourist attraction sites and itineraries has to be supported and preserved by those interested locals whose activity will be revealed or reinforced by the Forum. Thus, the Forum should contribute to both volunteering growth in our country and strong authentic (appropriate to its unique location) development of the town of  Slyudyanka.         

”Baikal Volunteer Forum — 2013” will be held in Slyudyuanka (Irkutsk Region) on July 7th to July 22nd, 2013.

Web-site: http://youthfederation.ru/baikalforum  

Forum Initiators:

  • “Baikal Project” Organizing Committee 
  • “Universal Peace Federation”, Ural Branch 

Aims of the Forum: to develop volunteering and support local initiatives, to develop cooperation between volunteers, to build informal volunteer community, to exchange experience, to provide  individual character growth of the Forum participants , to come to know local culture and Baikal nature. 

Main topics: individual growth methods for volunteers, strategy and practical approaches to motivation of volunteers, principles of steady territory development and the role of volunteer initiatives, principles of cooperation and arrangement of combined projects, insuring long-term participation of a volunteer in a volunteer activity, eco-tourism and environmental ethics.   

Conditions for participation: accommodation in tents (the staff provides several tents); food shall be provided by the teams themselves; payment of all the expenses (food, transport, personal equipment, organizational and facility expenses). Participating in all events of the Forum is free of charge. The staff prepares and provides educational, creative and sport program of the Forum. The participants shall receive electronic versions of all the Forum materials: outlines, photos, video, reflections and so on. Foreign volunteers arriving from other countries on their own shall not be under 18 years old.   

Payment: food cost is about 150 rub. per day; organizational fee is 500 rub. 

By participating in the Forum the participants willingly agree to all text, photo and video materials made during the time of preparation and holding of the Forum to be used later by the staff, with necessary reference to the author.   

In case of any questions concerning participation, please, contact the Organizing Committee:
In Ekaterinburg, 8-902-444-44-38, Evgeny Skvortsov (skype: skvorzov_evgeny).  

What is required to participate in the Forum:
1.    Fill in the inquiry form and e-mail it (Candidate Inquiry Form for Participation)
2.    Pass an interview. A representative of the Organizing Committee will contact you and will have a pleasant talk with you. 

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